Recently I created 3d sculptures based on existing traditional sculptures (Bruno copper and Mix materials portrait by Natalie Staniforth, Horse Head by Tom Hill, Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn). All done in ZBrush. 

ECCO Biom shoe

  New project I recently finished for GONG agency

I was responsible for creating realistic 3d shoe. I was supplied with CAD model so itwas required quite a bit of cleaning and I basically had to redo whole thing in Zbrush (all tiny holes etc). The rest was textures, materials and lighting. I also made animation of shoe rotating and splitting into pieces and points showing. After I supplied animation, guys form GONG created web application for ECCO to show their new shoe.

To see the application and animation got here: and click on the shoe :)

You can also directly start application here:

Go Fast - product line

3d product visualization

Bålytunet exterior

Here are other two shots from project that I did aerial shot for.

Bålytunet interior

Recent project I finished for a client


Another 3d product shot I did this time just for practice.